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voiXen speech analysis offers a unique impact analysis (enhanced sentiment detection) and digital coaching from the cloud. Thereby conversations are analyzed and visualized using AI

Why should you use voiXen?

  • Increase completion rates by up to 25%

  • Reduce call times by more than 5%

  • Increase the first solution rate by up to 10%

  • Reduce training times by up to 33%

  • Increase customer satisfaction by up to 30 NPS points

  • Measure customer satisfaction automatically

Digital Coaching-Overview

With the voiXen coaching form you can automate, digitalize and document your coaching process in a very simple way

No more annoying paperwork or complicated lists.

Create benchmarks in a team or project

Responsive design for all end devices

Always keep the overview

Our services

Taboo Word Tracker

Topic recognition





Pauses in conversation

Audio Recorder


Target phrase identification


Call duration tracker

Audio Player

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