A unique combination of psychology & artificial intelligence

PRECIRE uses innovative technology to recognise complex connections in communication and measure their impact.

The psychological basis

We all think and express ourselves differently. The way we communicate influences our thoughts and ultimately our actions. PRECIRE translates linguistic communication into objective psychological evaluations using a neural network, providing valuable data that can be employed in a wide range of applications – wherever and whenever language is used.

Fig. Neural network

Scientific studies

PRECIRE is based on the largest global study on combining psychology and artificial intelligence. More than 19,000 participants to date have submitted more than 29 million text evaluations. These data are the learning basis on which the technology pinpoints different ways in which language works by analysing over 110 million parameters and 4 billion words.

A wide range of applications

PRECIRE combines scientific findings from psychology with the technical possibilities of machine learning, making the impact of language objectively predictable and measurable. From customer relationships to employee communication and predicting stock market reactions to analyst calls: PRECIRE’s impact analysis provides fascinating assessments for a wide range of applications.


PRECIRE language analysis is a multi-patented process. This unique method for measuring the impact of language received a US patent for innovative language analysis methods in 2017. In 2019, this was followed by a language analysis patent for Europe and Switzerland. Our invention is legally protected in Germany and abroad. The special process that combines psychology and artificial intelligence to analyse human language gives PRECIRE an absolutely unique selling point on the market.

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