PRECIRE @ Talentcube

Video recruiting with artificial intelligence

Communication analysis with AI brings
Objectivity in recruiting

Use an AI based on expert psychological knowledge combined with Natural Language Processing, Psychological Language Processing and Machine Learning.

Your ideal partner for all aspects of video recruiting

Make better decisions

Immediate insight into the communication profile – without extensive testing

Valid results through scientifically trained and tested AI

More security and orientation in the selection of candidates through objective perspectives

Knowing how people work

Get to know applicants efficiently and easily

The effect of language reflects personality. In recruiting, communication analysis enables a new perspective on the behaviour, experience and reflection of the applicants.

By analyzing the communication from the video responses, objective psychological conclusions are drawn that support your decision making – without the need for extensive testing.

Communication analysis with learning effect

Even more precise with each new application

Refinement of the target profile based on your decisions: based on your successful hiring, your position-specific requirement profile is continuously evolving. New candidates are compared with your top performers and you receive an objective assessment of the communicative strengths of each candidate.

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