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How well an organization copes with digitization and transformation depends largely on the interaction of all its members. Old structures give way to new possibilities for collaboration, interlocking and dialogue: People and their communication move to the center of the digital process – and become the most effective lever for change.

It is crucial that we are aware of the effect we create with our communication and how we can develop it in a sustainable and targeted manner.



Our solution: Diagnostics – Knowledge – Exercise

We effectively develop executives with little effort. By using the evolve platform, you can redesign your executive development in a results-oriented and cost-efficient manner.

Diagnostics for communicative effects

Using PRECIRE’s AI-based speech diagnostics, managers receive feedback on personal development areas.

Exploit the full potential in a self-organized manner

Managers improve their performance by continuously expanding their knowledge and effectively changing their behaviour.

Efficient development with a mobile application

The evolve platform was developed as a mobile app so that it can be easily integrated into everyday working life.



1 Organization

2 Analyses

6 Weeks

€990 (net)
  • Measurement of the communicative effect via a 15-minute automated interview

  • Classification of the results in an webinar

  • Transparent derivation of individual fields of development

  • Access to a fully digitized and integrative development platform

  • Independent development of the communicative fields of activity with smart exercises and tailor-made content

  • Possibility of repeat measurement (re-test) after completion of the development program

Confronting executives, especially those who have served long enough, with the communicative effects of their language is a difficult undertaking, all the more so if those named do not ask for feedback. Here, artificial intelligence sometimes inspires more trust than natural intelligence, and human curiosity triumphs over the protective reflex - in the end, none of those addressed in our company for participation could resist the invitation to get to know themselves better about the measured effects of their language. The individual results of the language analysis were made available to each participant personally. The aim of our PRECIRE project is to encourage the individual to consciously examine their own way of communicating in language, and on the other hand to make the (anonymously) aggregated impact profile of a group of executives, including the management, the subject of consideration and discussion. The characteristics taken into account were found to be appropriate, especially from a management perspective, and the results were found to be consistent both individually and in the group. Of course, there were also participants who did not find themselves adequately considered at all, and the discussion on this is one of the most exciting that one can have with executives. The biggest gain is metacommunication - that we succeeded in consciously and controversially reflecting our communication style together with the management and second management level. Our hypothesis is that communication that is more aware of its effects radiates throughout the entire company and improves the way we deal with each other. In the next step, we will make the instrument available to the next management level. We are especially curious about possible differences in relation to the data already obtained.

Dr. Carola Nagy
Thüringer Aufbaubank, Bereichsleiterin Personal und Service

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