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Language analysis for the next level recruiting process

Get to know people better with PRECIRE and
Successfully shaping cooperation

Words create reality. Through our words we trigger effects that influence the reactions of our communication partners in their thoughts and actions. For example, a manager can strengthen the commitment of his employees by interacting in a humane way and at the same time consciously leading the employees.

The effect of people with their language is the core of our work: Our language, that is us. With this conviction, PRECIRE pursues a behavior-based approach by measuring psychological characteristics through language. Our AI enables a novel perspective on the behavior, experience and reflection of people. It is obvious how valuable these insights are in the recruiting process, which is specifically designed to get to know as many applicants as possible in order to make the right decision in the end.

PRECIRE measures what applicants express through language

Automated telephone interview for applicants

  • Reduction of early phase fluctuation by up to 45%

  • Reduction of Time to Hire by up to 60%

  • Reduction of the process duration by an average of 2 weeks

  • Reduction of process costs by up to 35%

  • Reduction of internal processing time by up to 60%

  • Reduced applicant effort through direct participation and only 20-minute interviews (no scheduling necessary)

  • Individual fit factor based on your company-specific success parameters

The PRECIRE App for SuccessFactors allows you to use a standardized telephone interview for all job profiles

  • Quick to use: Integration of a user-friendly app into your SuccessFactors Recruiting with minimal integration effort

  • Communicative competence analysis with just one click: You gain important insights into the applicants’ interactive competencies without much additional effort.

  • A supplementary and scientifically objective basis for the decision: How well does the applicant fit into our company or into this team?

  • Clear comparison to other job profiles: How well do the applicant’s skills match other open job advertisements?

  • Increase the Candidate Experience (by using an innovative process) and reduce the drop-out of real talent



All PRECIRE integration settings are performed in the SAP SuccessFactors Administration Center.


Use predefined PRECIRE profiles, e.g. for sales, or create individual profiles based on job requirements or existing competence profiles.


After conducting the automated telephone interview, you will see the evaluation result directly in SuccessFactors, including optional matching with other open job profiles.

Our services

  • Application training (especially for the recruiters) and support after implementation

  • Workshops for the introduction

  • Optional support/services

  • Regular updates and technical adjustments

  • Favourable all-inclusive price for implementation

  • Assessment package tailored to the size of your company

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