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PRECIRE Impact for Outlook shows you how an e-mail will affect the recipient before it is sent. Use the impact analysis to reach your goal faster and more successfully with friendly e-mails and to build strong partnerships. By optimizing your appearance, you earn respect and goodwill.

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Friendly e-mails convince and connect.


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Texts are deleted after analysis.

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Improve the impact of your emails

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PRECIRE Impact ends unnecessary e-mail discussions & time-consuming dialogues

  • Get objective feedback

  • Avoid misunderstandings and conflicts

  • Be friendly and appreciative

  • Achieve faster and better results

  • Improve your business relations

Confident Writing. Friendly Impact. Achieve Goals.

While companies invest large sums of money in strategies and marketing, one thing is often neglected: Every employee communicates several times a day by e-mail with customers, suppliers, partners and colleagues. Each e-mail creates a certain effect on its recipient. This effect is an important success factor and determines whether an e-mail is answered quickly and, in a target-oriented manner and thus whether and how the company can achieve its goals.

PRECIRE Impact analyses within seconds how friendly an e-mail is to its recipient and shows the formulations that can be improved. The friendlier an e-mail appears, the more successfully it reaches its destination.

How can I tell my employees bad news without affronting them?

Tatjana Lindner, Team Lead Accouting

Is it possible to reach my goals with less emails?

Thomas Haltmeier, Divisional Head of Commerce

How can we increase the conversion rate of our customer letters?

Franziska Bleil, Marketing Manager

How can my write press texts in a form that leads to more publications?

Markus Roth, PR Consultant

Success with PRECIRE Impact

Companies that use PRECIRE Impact reach

  • Higher turnover through targeted communication

  • Reduced costs due to less friction losses and less misunderstandings

  • Improving effectiveness through higher response rate

  • Increase in customer and employer satisfaction