PRECIRE@Human Resources

Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.
(Paul J. Meyer)


PRECIRE’s language analysis offers a novel perspective for HR to reflect strengths and development areas of employees and applicants. After all, how people communicate with each other determines their relationships with each other and has an impact on how efficiently and effectively they work together. PRECIRE measures the way people interact with each other and provides valuable information, for example …

  • … for corporate leaders about the communication and interaction culture in the company.

  • … for recruiters, how they find employees who are a particularly suitable addition to a team.

  • … for sales people, how they can create more pressure to close a deal or increase customer satisfaction.

  • … for managers, how they can motivate and retain their employees.





Personnel selection with PRECIRE

In the recruiting process PRECIRE supports the identification of suitable candidates for various positions. After all, the way someone communicates provides information about behavioral and interactional tendencies and helps to get to know the person behind an application better.
Whether in a video interview or as a separate process step – the PRECIRE analysis of communication always provides a valuable additional perspective.

Personnel and organizational development with PRECIRE

PRECIRE supports employees and managers in identifying strengths and challenges. The participants can use this knowledge to train development areas that offer the greatest professional added value for them. With the help of a training program that is specifically geared to their own needs, motivation is higher and success is achieved more quickly.
If the individual employees develop, the company as a whole benefits. As social systems, companies are based on communication and interaction between people. With the help of diagnostics, a unique insight into the communication culture of companies is achieved and essential starting points for organizational change become visible.

Partner oddity evolve

Oddity evolve offers a comprehensive, mobile online learning service based on PRECIRE diagnostics.
Managers or sales staff can strengthen their communication skills in small learning and training units as required. The platform can be used on the move and is available at all times, allowing it to be seamlessly integrated into everyday working life.

PRECIRE @ oddity evolve

Partner CommPass plus

With PRECIRE's language analysis, CommPass plus measures the communicative effect in order to train attitudes, competencies and skills in a targeted manner. As a result, individual development measures can be derived from the evaluation, which, for example, enables the improvement of the communicative effect. Different online and offline training packages are possible.


Partner Mindsquare (SAP SF)

With this integration, PRECIRE can be used directly in the SAP Success Factors Recruiting App. In addition to selectable PRECIRE communication profiles, individual profiles can be defined and seamlessly integrated into the process in the familiar environment. This enables a new quality and perspective in the recruiting process.