Thomas Belker has been CEO of PRECIRE Technologies GmbH in Aachen since 2019. He and his 30-strong team are passionate about language and its influence on the personal development of individuals and the success of companies.

PRECIRE is all about the impact of language. What exactly does that mean?

Thomas Belker: Our language makes us unique. With our languages we generate an image about us. We have found that we all often underestimate our personal impact on others as created by language – whether in conversations with our customers, in discussions with colleagues or in e-mail correspondence with a service provider. We tend to be more focused on content, neglecting an awareness of the emotional impact of what we say or write. We do not always have the listener or reader and their needs in mind. This is where PRECIRE comes in. We look at a person's linguistic impact in interactions and evaluate that impact. On that basis, we then facilitate future situations to help the user successfully achieve their goals because they are correctly understood with the right effect. Greater success with effective and respectful communication: that is the PRECIRE mission, and on that we want to help companies and individuals achieve.                          

How can a user shape the impact of their language?

Thomas Belker: You could say that PRECIRE acts as a kind of coach, helping people to harness the full potential of communicative impact. This might be for a staff meeting, a speech to your team, a marketing mailshot or a response to a customer complaint. PRECIRE suggests specific words or phrasing and gives the user tips on how to tailor their message. Even tiny nuances can be vital, for communication always has an impact. Effectively tailoring language so that the right communication leads to a friendly and unambiguous understanding and ultimately success: that is, I believe, the key PRECIRE contribution.

What changes in companies that use PRECIRE?

Thomas Belker: In the best case, misunderstandings, inefficiencies and conflicts are consigned to the past and mutual understanding and respectful and friendly interaction takes centre stage. People who cooperate and collaborate are automatically happier and more motivated. This affects the interpersonal relationships of colleagues or business partners, enriches the culture of a company, and leads to more customers and more growth. From PRECIRE's

perspective, the success factor "impact" has a measurable influence on business success.

How important is PRECIRE technology?

Thomas Belker: PRECIRE has developed a highly innovative technology that combines artificial intelligence and findings from psychology. That technology is at the core of our business and we continue to develop it. We can say with some pride that we have access to a database of 21,000 evaluators and 33 million data sets – unique in its size. That database allows us usefully to measure a person's tendency in communication situations and to classify that impact in a model with 29 different psychological results. We then build on this individual impact analysis to map the personal status quo and facilitate personal development. An important point is that PRECIRE only ever offers advice and tips. In other words, it is still ultimately the user who decides whether to accept the suggestions and integrate them into their communication. PRECIRE technology creates a new awareness of language and teaches users a more sensitive approach to the impact of what they say and write.

What is the PRECIRE vision?

Thomas Belker: Through our technology, we make a practical contribution to reducing misunderstandings and conflicts in businesses today. People learn to act with greater clarity in information-overloaded digital society and to consider the needs of others, be they customers, colleagues or service providers.

You could therefore say that PRECIRE wants to bring more respect, understanding and appreciation back into communication in general – and to make a significant contribution to healthy social interaction by increasing our awareness of the power of language.

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