PRECIRE recognises strenghts and potential by analysing language

Our effect on others depends to a large extent on how we communicate. How we use our voice and words automatically creates a certain impact on other people. PRECIRE Technologies GmbH is an innovative software company that specialises in the analysis of communication. The company has developed a technology that uses language to analyse automated psychological characters in our communication to explore how we are perceived by others. The software can evaluate both speech and text.

PRECIRE technology applications

Language and its impact are constants in our lives. PRECIRE software can therefore be used in a wide variety of situations – wherever and whenever people communicate. PRECIRE's customer base include businesses that employ PRECIRE technology to optimise communication with their customers. Whether in marketing texts or annual reports, the aim of communication is always to produce a certain impact on others. To find out whether marketing messages achieve the desired effect, for example, PRECIRE customers use this innovative language analysis technology. Many companies also use the software to train their managers. The software also has a wide range of applications in personal communication: customers can read between the lines of their own language to establish whether they are already projecting their true personality, or whether certain effects can be improved with training.

How does language analysis with PRECIRE work?

PRECIRE software can analyse both speech and writing. Language analysis for text centres on whether messages in a text are correctly received by the reader. If, for example, a flyer is aimed at different types of people, PRECIRE can be used to optimise communication for the various target groups. The software indicates whether the desired effect is already being achieved and provides practical tips for optimising communication.

Where PRECIRE software is used to evaluate spoken language, the first step is to establish which aspects of the speaker's findings are to be assessed. In training sessions for business managers, PRECIRE helps you to find out how empathetic, authoritarian or focused someone's language makes them appear. This is done by analysing a speech sample for the person in question and creating a personal profile. Strengths and potential for development in training are then defined on that basis.

Artificial intelligence in language analysis

Many different factors affect how we come across through language. Indeed, there are so many that they cannot be fully or, crucially, objectively evaluated by humans. PRECIRE language analysis technology successfully combines technological advances in the field of artificial intelligence with psychological findings on impact, language and personality. Using artificial intelligence, PRECIRE can read between the lines to draw meaningful conclusions about our impact on others. Those findings can then be harnessed for everything from training to text optimisation.

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