An introduction to language analysis

When people talk to each other, the words they speak are not the only way they communicate – our language and our voice convey much more information. Alongside the emotions often indicated through voice, our communication generates a very specific impact that creates an image about us in interactions and also has an influence on building relations. That impact can be analysed with PRECIRE language analysis. This article gives you an overview of the topic.

How does language analysis work?

Language is incredibly complex. People can only ever experience certain aspects of it, as it is almost impossible to process the many different linguistic factors involved in our communication. Language analysis is therefore generally an analysis of words used, speech rate and similar features.

PRECIRE has taken language analysis to a new level with the help of artificial intelligence. PRECIRE AI breaks language down into over 110 million building blocks. Those building blocks form not only words, but also certain word sequences and structures. PRECIRE compares the building blocks with data from extensive scientific studies to identify patterns and structures. It analyses aspects including the following linguistic elements and in particular how they are combined: Position & type of words used, repetition of words, linguistic structure, grammar, word combinations, etc.

PRECIRE language analysis does not use criteria defined by humans. Instead, it examines language on the basis of a mathematical language model. In this way a holistic understanding of language is possible.

What can PRECIRE analyse?

PRECIRE's advanced analysis technology can analyse both spoken language and the impact of a text. In other words, it can be used in all human communication scenarios.

  • Text analysis

After writing a text, you can use PRECIRE text analysis to predict its impact on the reader. Text analysis can also be used to check whether the text will already achieve a certain impact as it stands or whether it needs to be edited.

  • Speech analysis

PRECIRE speech analysis requires a short speech sample. 15 minutes or less of speech are generally required for a useful analysis.

Harnessing the findings of language analysis

There are many and wide-ranging potential applications for speech and text analysis to assess the impact of communication. We can therefore only give a brief selection here.

One example is using the findings of a PRECIRE text analysis to edit a text to create a certain effect on the reader. For example, linguistic tricks can be employed to make marketing texts more convincing and increase customer activation; customer services can hone the empathetic effect of e-mails. Even one single word can change the impact of a text.

The results of an analysis of spoken language are usually more general; in other words, they relate to the image projected by a person's communicative style. Speech analysis findings are often used in training sessions for managers or call centre employees, for example.

One of the many PRECIRE analysis and optimisation tools is word clouds. They provide a useful overview of the words and linguistic elements that facilitate or weaken a certain impact. For example, passive wording can suggest detachment or a failure to commit, while words like "I" and "we" and linguistic elements such as dates or times tend to suggest greater competence and focus.

In brief

Language analysis is a huge field that offers a wide range of applications for advancing interpersonal communication and building up personal relationships to improve collaboration and cooperation. PRECIRE and its unique technology are breaking new ground.

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