PRECIRE makes the impact of language a
measurable success factor for your business.

PRECIRE helps you in all language situations

From marketing to employee communication: the impact of your communication directly influences your company’s success. PRECIRE enables each individual to measure and to shape that impact. In everything from everyday e-mail communication to the wording of marketing messages, the better you tailor your language, the more effectively you will achieve your business objectives.

Our products

Discover the innovative PRECIRE technology

PRECIRE impact for MS Office

Your digital communication manager for e-mails and texts

Increase your success by analyzing and optimizing the impact of your texts.

Covid-19: PRECIRE engage

Successful communication throughout Covid-19

Give your texts the right effect for demanding times.


Your individual development

Integrate PRECIRE software to implement impact analysis for your business model.

PRECIRE @ oddity evolve

Optimize the effects of your communication

Measure effect. Developing potential. Designing digital transformation.


Find out about the latest studies, news and publications

PRECIRE launches new software in Microsoft AppSource

A revolution in e-mail communication: PRECIRE Technologies GmbH launches PRECIRE Impact for Outlook. Now available from Microsoft App Source.

Interview with CEO Thomas Belker

Thomas Belker has been CEO of PRECIRE Technologies GmbH in Aachen since 2019. In this interview, he talks about PRECIRE and his passion for the impact of language.

RWTH Aachen university study on stock market reactions

A study exploring short-term and long-term stock market reactions in relation to communicative effects in analyst calls.

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