Measure your impact. Design your language.
Communicate purposefully.

PRECIRE makes the impact of your language a measurable
success factor for your company.

PRECIRE supports you where
language is involved

From marketing to HR communication – the impact of your communication has direct influence on how successful your company is. PRECIRE enables anyone to measure this impact and to design language consciously. Whether it’s in your daily email communication or when drafting marketing messages – the more precise your language is, the faster you will reach your business objectives.

The right impact is your key to success

Countless factors define which impact we have on others, often only perceived subconsciously. Through the combination of psychology and artificial intelligence PRECIRE is able to recognize complex communicational correlations and to measure their impact objectively. Whenever your communication does not yet have the desired impact, PRECIRE demonstrates you clearly where your wordings should be revised in order to better connect with your recipient.

Your benefits with PRECIRE

PRECIRE makes sure your messages get across in the intended way. Misunderstandings and inefficient email ping pong will be a thing of the past.

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    Live analysis of your marketing messages
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    Personal impact check
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    Email assistant for your daily communication
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    Impact training for managers and employees
How can I tell my employees bad news without affronting them?

Tatjana Lindner, Team Lead Accouting

Is it possible to reach my goals with less emails?

Thomas Haltmeier, Divisional Head of Commerce

How can we increase the conversion rate of our customer letters?

Franziska Bleil, Marketing Manager

How can my write press texts in a form that leads to more publications?

Markus Roth, PR Consultant

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