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30. September 2019

Study with RWTH Aachen

A study in cooperation with Andreas Knetsch and Astrid Salzmann (RWTH Aachen)....

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3. February 2020
News, Sector news
Language analysis with PRECIRE
When people talk to each other, the words they speak are not the only way they communicate – our lan...
3. February 2020
News, Sector news
The power of our speech
How we come across to other people depends on our language. We can appear empathetic, driven or rela...
3. February 2020
News, Sector news
Impact analysis using PRECIRE
Our effect on others depends to a large extent on how we communicate. How we use our voice and words...
15. January 2020
News, Sector news
Psychology meets Data Science
Publication at ‚Personnel Assessment and Decisions‘ 1/2020:  This latest article gives different ...

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